IAB Europe sets up Sustainability Standards Committee

IAB Europe sets up Sustainability Standards Committee
In brief

IAB Europe, the trade body for digital advertising, has announced a Sustainability Standards Committee which will create “new standards for the delivery of digital advertising”.

The committee aims to bring together stakeholders to set out new ways for the industry to reduce the amount of energy consumed and carbon emitted through digital media.

As part of its work it will create a “Green Media standard” which will comprise “practical and measurable” steps for those in the industry to decarbonise their media.

The committee is open to all IAB Europe members and will be led by Andrew Hayward-Wright, programmatic and sustainability advisor for IAB Europe.

Currently, the Internet is estimated to contribute around 2-4% of global carbon emissions and a typical ad campaign, according to IAB Europe, emits around 5.4 tonnes of CO2.

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