Radiocentre launches needs-based audio planning tool

Radiocentre launches needs-based audio planning tool

Radiocentre, the industry body for commercial radio, has created a free online tool for insight-based planning connected to consumer need-states.

The Audio Need-states Navigator uses qualitative and quantitative data from Radiocentre’s Generation Audio project which found seven need-states of listeners to commercial audio media including; ‘Lift my mood’, ‘Keep me company’, ‘Help me escape’, ‘Amplify the moment’, ‘Provide social currency’, ‘Broaden my horizons’ and ‘Keep me in the loop’, and identified how advertisers could tailor their use of commercial audio ad formats and messaging in audio.

The Audio Need-states Navigator offers planners and radio sales teams detailed audience insight, downloadable relevant data for client presentations, links to other relevant research or tools and an FAQs section to encourage more enhanced audio planning.

Mark Barber, Radiocentre planning director, said: “By placing people and their reasons-for-listening at its heart, we hope this new tool will encourage media strategists to progress beyond just standard demographic targeting and adopt a more sophisticated need-states-based approach to audio planning. When combined with aligned creative strategies, for example mood and/or situational congruence, the evidence suggests that such approaches can significantly enhance overall campaign performance.”

This tool is in addition to the Radio Planning Optimiser.

Radiocentre reveals seventh ‘need state’ for audio

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