Radiocentre reveals seventh ‘need state’ for audio

Radiocentre reveals seventh ‘need state’ for audio

“Keep me company” has been revealed as a new “need state” for audio listening.

Mark Barber (pictured, main image), the industry body for commercial audio Radiocentre’s planning director, disclosed that new research had isolated this as a seventh key reason people listen to commercial audio.

This is in addition to six need states that were previously discovered in Radiocentre’s Audio Now study in 2014.

These six separate need states highlight the role and importance of commercial audio in consumers’ daily lives, which in turn help agencies and advertisers understand how best to reach their target audiences in different mindsets.

The original six need states are: “help me escape”, “lift my mood”, “amplify the moment”, “provide social currency”, “broaden my horizons” and “keep me in the loop”.

Generation Audio revealed for the first time the share of weekly commercial audio listening time to each need state, showing advertisers the main motivations for listening to commercial audio amongst consumers.

“Lift my mood” came top with 35%, “keep me company” 26%, “keep me in the loop” 13%, “amplify the moment” 10%, “broaden my horizons” 4%, and “provide social currency” 3%.

In a live poll of the media industry professionals in the room during the session, the results were quite similar with those of the general population: “keep me company” took the highest percentage with 38%, “lift my mood” 29%, “help me escape” 14%, keep me in the loop” 12%, “amplify the moment” 3%, “broaden my horizons” 2% and “provide social currency” 2%.

Barber attributed the introduction and growth of the new “keep me company” need state to the rise in remote working and feelings of isolation during and after the Covid pandemic, and the growing take-up of smart speakers.

Smart speaker listening now makes up more than 10% of all radio listening, and commercial radio listening share overtook the BBC for the first time in 20 years, according to the latest Rajar audience survey.

“Generation Audio” findings were based on a qualitative and quantitative study carried out by Differentology.


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