Getting media and creative to work better together — Laura Jordan Bambach and Tom Curtis

Podcast: Getting media and creative to work better together — Laura Jordan Bambach and Tom Curtis
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Laura Jordan Bambach (co-founder, Uncharted) and Tom Curtis (executive creative director, EssenceMediacom UK) talk to The Media Leader editor-in-chief Omar Oakes about the challenges of building collaborative partnerships, potential conflicts of interest and how agencies can be creative when planning where media is bought.

They discuss the evolving landscape of creativity and marketing, and the importance of taking a media-first approach to creativity and leveraging technology to create better assets and plan media more efficiently. They also highlight the potential for creative agencies to be sidelined in digital advertising projects and stress the importance of collaboration and integration in the industry.

Listen to the full interview on The Media Leader Podcast (also available on all major platforms):


05:35: Curtis’ unusual role as a media agency ECD and how creative roles have evolved at media agencies

07:19: Uncharted’s emphasis on a collaborative approach

10:04: Why great leadership from the top is key to successful agency partnerships

16:04: How the market has changed alongside the way audiences consume content

Recorded at The Future of Brands, London (April 2024)

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