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An epic conversation with Nick Manning on media reselling and the future of media buying

Epic conversation with Nick Manning on media reselling and the future of media buying
The Media Leader Podcast

Omar Oakes and columnist Nick Manning have a wide-ranging conversation about the recent ANA report into media agency reselling (“principal-based media”), where media agencies buy media at one price and resell it to clients at an undisclosed higher price — and why it’s important.

This is an epic conversation that delves into why advertising is no longer well-integrated with content, why there is a talent drain from the industry, why it may be “inevitable” that major ad agency groups are broken up and what Nick is planning through the ‘Who Cares” movement with Brian Jacobs.


3:18: What’s so bad with principal-based media?

8:16: Why do media agencies do this?

19:07: What should be the auditor’s role in all this?

36:12: What PM shows about the state of the ad industry

41:08: Impact on media owners

44:53: The demise of a “curated” advertising experience and Omar’s epiphany

52:17: The impact on content creation and why we’re bombarded with 1990s rehashes

63:38: The ‘Who Cares” movement and what it wants to achieve

61:11: Do we need greater regulation to make advertising and media function better?

64:48: Should the major ad agency groups be broken up?

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Thanks, as always, to our production partners Trisonic for editing this episode.

Bob Wootton, Principal, Deconstruction, on 29 May 2024
“Long but absolutely excellent. Bring it on!”

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