Podcast: Are agencies fit for purpose when it comes to gaming advertising?

Podcast: Are agencies fit for purpose when it comes to gaming advertising?
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In-game advertising has proven to be a tough nut to crack for brands and marketers. But are agencies set up well to take advantage of the burgeoning possibilities in the medium?

Rhys Hancock is a technology, media and entertainment consultant who previously worked at Epic Games and, before that, co-founded metaverse studio and agency Metavision.

In a conversation with host Jack Benjamin, he gives his perspective on whether agencies are well-suited to planning and buying gaming inventory.

“That separation between creative and media, I don’t think can hold in gaming much longer,” said Hancock.

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7:05: Breaking down intrinsic and immersive in-game advertising options

11:20: In-game advertising campaigns that have worked well

17:06: Are agencies well-suited to executing on gaming campaigns?

25:50: The future of gaming — VR, cross-platform and cloud gaming, shoppable gaming and generative AI

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