Podcast: Being an English (media) person in New York

Podcast: Being an English (media) person in New York
If you can make it there... (clockwise from top-left: Blodwell, Williams and Benjamin)
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Have you ever thought about moving across the pond? Two media industry Brits that have recently made the jump over into the massive, frenetic media environment in America—more specifically, the Big Apple — are eager to share what they feel is different about the media industry Stateside as compared to the UK.

Reporter Jack Benjamin, who has made the opposite switch from the US to the UK, makes his debut appearance on the podcast.

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Wayne Blodwell is the founder and CEO of digital advertising consultancy TPA Digital, formerly known as The Programmatic Advisory, as well as a podcast host in his own right for The AdPod. His new monthly column for The Media Leader, ‘An Englishman in New York’, debuted in February. In it, Blodwell discusses the challenges and opportunities that the American media market offers.

Making her second appearance on the podcast, Amy Williams is the founder and CEO of purpose-powered ad platform Good-Loop, which she began in 2016 to help brands do charitable work at scale. Williams moved to the States earlier this year, where she hopes to grow Good-Loop.

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