Podcast: Why 'fast fashion' media needs to stop - with Good-Loop founder Amy Williams

Podcast: Why ‘fast fashion’ media needs to stop
Podcast: Oakes and Williams
The Media Leader Podcast


Amy Williams, co-founder and CEO of ethical advertising platform Good-Loop, tells Omar Oakes why creating more sustainability is akin to ending the practice of ‘fast fashion’.

Williams, whose company has just launched in the US, discusses how the “waste” caused by digital advertising has meant media-buying has become like “fast fashion” and needs to be reined in to help make the industry more sustainable.

She also explains why advertisers will need to bear incremental costs for responsible advertising and why collaboration between companies will be essential to ensure common standards of carbon measurement are used.

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Good-Loop was co-founded by Williams in 2016 and works with advertisers including Unilever, Nestlé and Coca-Cola. Its main product is a form of video advertising where viewers pick a charity that receives a donation if a video ad is watched. It has partnered with charities including WaterAid, Carers UK, and Save the Children.

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