Culture Sec recommends not to privatise Channel 4

Culture Sec recommends not to privatise Channel 4

UK Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan has recommended not pursuing privatisation of Channel 4 in a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak seen by journalists from The News Agents podcast.

In the letter, Donelan stated: “Last year’s consultation of C4C’s future ownership model identified risks to the corporation’s long-term sustainability.

“The view of my predecessor, and the Government of the time, was that selling C4C was the right solution to these challenges.

“However, after reviewing the business case, I have concluded that pursuing a sale at this point is not the right decision and there are better ways to secure C4C’s sustainability and that of the UK independent production sector.”

Previously, Sunak had indicated he would not go ahead with privatising the broadcaster, while Donelan said she was “re-examining the business case” for privatisation.

This marks a change of tone and policy to Boris Johnson’s government where former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries supported the privatisation despite seeming unaware of how it was funded and a public consultation “overwhelmingly” opposing such a move.

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