Brand Advance Group on course to double revenue next year

Brand Advance Group on course to double revenue next year
Chris Kenna, Brand Advance US & LATAM CEO, and Deborah Gbadamosi, Brand Advance EMEA CEO speaking on a panel at Cannes Festival of Creativity. Credit Brand Advance.

Brand Advance Group is on track to exceed $10m+ revenue in 2023, and double this within 2024.

This means the global diversity media-planning network will surpass its total 2022 revenue within the first six months of 2023.

Founder Chris Kenna said this was down to an increase in brands and agencies “seeing good” on commitments to responsible media.

After launching in the US last year, the BA Group is looking to expand in the UK, Europe, and APAC, having appointed an EMEA CEO Deborah Gbadamosi earlier this year, new offices in Manchester and Madrid set to open this year and an APAC leadership team to be announced.


The BA Group was founded five years ago by Chris Kenna, now Brand Advance US & LATAM CEO and global chairman, and now includes ad tech platform Brand Advance SSP, insights platform Cultural Insights & Strategy platform and a Creative Shop amongst others.

With a commitment to connecting brands and agencies to underrepresented consumers and encouraging more adspend and creative budgets to reach minority owned and operated media owners and diverse creators, Kenna has spoken often about how brands and agencies need to “put their money where their mouth is” on diversity and inclusion in media.

These revenue figures would seem to indicate a shift in the brand intention and action gap on including diverse media on plans and targeting underrepresented consumers. Perhaps part of this to do with partnerships with tech platform Teads and sustainability platform Good-Loop.

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