Teads integrates Brand Advance diverse media network into buying platform

Teads integrates Brand Advance diverse media network into buying platform

Teads will include Brand Advance’s diverse media network on its platform enabling global advertisers to buy inventory from a range of minority publishers.

This partnership will help “drive revenue to minority publishers and connect brands to more diverse audiences” on a global scale.

This is “a huge step forward for an equitable and sustainable media ecosystem” according to Justin Taylor, managing director of Teads UK.

He added: “By connecting with Brand Advance, we’re enabling our advertiser and agency partners to support minority publishers, not just through a ‘diversity’ buy, but as part of everyday media plans.”

Teads is a global cloud-based end-to-end adtech platform for programmatic digital advertising and media with a reported reach of 1.9 billion monthly users. It has expanded its portfolio of ad solutions from video to display, native and social.

Brand Advance operates a network of more than 500 publishers encompassing LBGTQ+, Black, Asian, and disabled communities with titles like Attitude, Diva, Black History Month, Chapter Z, Jewish News, DisabledUnited and DivyaBhaskar.

Dilip Shukla, managing director of Brand Advance, said “This partnership will speed the delivery of much needed revenue to the many diverse publishers that we partner with around the world and make it easier for leading advertisers to reach diversity at scale.

“This will not only provide growth for diverse publishers it will also support the communities they are made by and for.”

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