Podcast: Future of Audio key interviews — Radiocentre on BBC ads and Acast on podcast measurement

Podcast: Future of Audio key interviews — Radiocentre on BBC ads and Acast on podcast measurement
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The Media Leader has just finished one of our big London events, The Future of Audio and Entertainment, where some of the most influential players in commercial audio and online platforms got together to talk about the future of content, production, AI, ads, sponsorships and measurement.

If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll see that we’re also regularly publishing flash interviews from our events, via The Media Leader Live studio, and today we bring you two of those conversations.

The first one is with Matt Payton, CEO of commercial radio industry body Radiocentre, which launched some stark findings on the day of the event that showed if the BBC decided to introduce advertising across radio, the financial impact on commercial radio would be “devastating”, with a 36% forecast decline in revenues.

And Michael Bayston, Acast’s vice-president of adtech solutions, discusses why measurement is still such a key challenge this year, both for legacy radio broadcasters and digital platforms.

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