Podcast: Sheffield ad ban, advertising on Discord and Truth Social’s volatile IPO

Podcast: Sheffield ad ban, advertising on Discord and Truth Social’s volatile IPO

Jack Benjamin is joined by Ella Sagar as they examine hot topics in the media industry from the past week.

The pair delve into a recent ad ban instituted by Sheffield City Council and how it could impact the local OOH market. They also discuss Truth Social’s IPO, Discord’s foray into advertising and where best to place ads on Netflix.

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1:23: Sheffield City Council’s ban of advertising from “harmful and environmentally damaging” brands

12:10: What is going on with Truth Social?

16:17: More quick hits: Walmart’s retail media expansion, ads on Discord, where to best place ads on Netflix, live-streaming podcasts to cinemas and how audio can increase its presence on the media plan

The Media Leader Podcast is a twice weekly show in which our journalists interview some of the most influential people in advertising and media, as well as the next generation of future leaders and rising stars. We also review the biggest stories in media and discuss our featured columnists’ latest opinion pieces.

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