Podcast: Election season’s impact on media, AI’s misinformation pitfalls and tech lay-offs

Podcast: Election season’s impact on media, AI’s misinformation pitfalls and tech lay-offs
The Media Leader Podcast

Cass Naylor, strategic advisor at Purpose Union and co-director of advocacy at Outvertising, returns to the podcast alongside host Omar Oakes and reporters Ella Sagar and Jack Benjamin to unpack 2024 predictions in media and advertising and what was said by industry leaders at The Media Leader‘s annual Year Ahead event.

They discuss their anxieties around AI-generated content spreading misinformation and disinformation during an election year, whether the ad market will remain strong throughout the year and why tech companies continue to lay off staff.

The quartet also touch on the latest IPA Bellwether Report, the future of Kantar Media and the runaway success of Mr Bates vs The Post Office on ITV.

A special shout-out to Ella, who featured on BBC Radio 4 this week to discuss Amazon Prime Video’s new ad tier. Be sure to give her a listen.

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10:29: Trepidation and frustration with AI-generated content

14:36: What explains recent job cuts across the tech sector?

16:37: How this year’s elections and developments in AI will impact trust in media

33:00: Gerry D’Angelo and Lindsay Clay want media to rediscover its sense of creativity

35:47: IPA Bellwether‘s optimistic outlook for 2024

37:17: Netflix and Disney’s CES announcements

38:52: Will Kantar Media be sold?

41:09: Does ITV’s Mr Bates vs the Post Office prove we’re underrating the power of TV?

43:52: Future 100 Club pushes for progress on DEI and talent retention

The Media Leader Podcast is a twice weekly show in which our journalists interview some of the most influential people in advertising and media, as well as the next generation of future leaders and rising stars. We also review the biggest stories in media and discuss our featured columnists’ latest opinion pieces.

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