Podcast: Ads on Amazon Prime Video, lay-offs at C4 and Twitch, and the perils of hustle culture

Podcast: Ads on Amazon Prime Video, lay-offs at C4 and Twitch, and the perils of hustle culture
The Media Leader Podcast

Columnist Nicola Kemp returns to the podcast alongside host Ella Sagar and reporter Jack Benjamin to review the past week’s news in media and advertising.

In her latest column, Kemp wrote about how the hustle culture is having negative effects on staff, especially caretakers. She implored media professionals to embrace the art of saying “no” this year.

The trio discuss the column, as well as how and why ads are coming to Amazon Prime Video and the downturn in the TV ad market resulting in lay-offs at Channel 4.

They also touch on 2023’s box office revenue figures, the post-cookie future and how publishers must innovate in response to losing traffic from social media.

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1:13: The art of saying “no” to hustle culture creep

8:35: Context for Channel 4’s lay-offs

14:00: Will Amazon Prime Video’s ad tier be a success?

27:10: Publishers considering cost-cutting measures in response to reduced traffic from social

29:39: Substack’s backlash

32:17: Will box office ever surpass pre-pandemic levels?

35:14: What do people need to know about cookie deprecation?

38:28: Our favourite films and TV shows of 2023

The Media Leader Podcast is a twice weekly show in which our journalists interview some of the most influential people in advertising and media, as well as the next generation of future leaders and rising stars. We also review the biggest stories in media and discuss our featured columnists’ latest opinion pieces. 

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