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Rethinking the media agency model in 2024 with MediaSense's Ryan Kangisser

Podcast: Rethinking the media agency model in 2024
The Media Leader Podcast

2024 is set to be another big year for large media agencies, with many major global and UK accounts set to be reviewed by advertisers.

But only one in 10 (11%) major multinational brands believe the current agency model fits their future needs.

Even worse than that, one in four big brand marketers believe the current agency model is “unfit for future purpose”.

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Those are the tough findings from the World Federation of Advertisers and consultancy MediaSense, whose Future of Media Agency Models report in October called for “a new breed of agile, specialist, tech-focused agencies” to add value to “a more centralised media model”.

So what have we learned since then? What has been the reaction to the report and what needs to improve in 2024 between media agencies and the advertisers that employ them?

Joining Omar Oakes to talk about why so many marketers seem to have a problem with the way they hire and work with agencies is Ryan Kangisser, director and practice lead, models, at MediaSense.

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Andrew Cole, Founder, DAD Ltd, on 04 Jan 2024
“Regarding the ad agency model, the U.K. operators will enter and satisfy U.K. brands for all their advertising needs. Big changes coming”

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