Podcast: What was the biggest story in media in 2023?

Podcast: What was the biggest story in media in 2023?
The Media Leader Podcast: 2023 in Review

What a year 2023 has been.

The media industry has seen the expansion of generative AI, rising interest rates impacting businesses and in some cases media investment, a tough and transitioning market for TV, the 50th anniversary of commercial radio coinciding with a burgeoning podcast market, years of “efficiency” at major tech companies, a succession plan for Rupert Murdoch, and of course, Elon Musk dominating headlines for his tumultuous ownership of Twitter.

In a special year-end episode of the podcast, host Jack Benjamin is joined by editor-in-chief Omar Oakes, reporter Ella Sagar, and guest Cass Naylor to debate the question: what was the biggest story in media this year?

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Show highlights:

1:55: Omar’s biggest story: AI goes mainstream

10:45: Ella’s biggest story: Commercial radio’s Brucey bump

12:37: Out-of-home and cinema’s post-pandemic comeback

22:51: Jack’s biggest story: ‘Contentification’ — how social video is changing other mediums

30:07: TV’s big streaming transition

32:25: Cass’s biggest story: ‘Enshittification’ of the internet

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