The Year Ahead for agencies and networks – with Rankin Creative CEO Richard Pinder

The Year Ahead for agencies and networks – with Richard Pinder
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2024 is guaranteed to be a year of change for media and advertising, with higher interest rates, more AI and general elections in the UK and the US.

What will it mean specifically for media agencies and agency networks, and what is the mood of the investment community in a world where debt is more expensive and cash becomes even more important?

Editor-in-chief Omar Oakes interviews Richard Pinder, one of advertising’s most influential executives in recent times, with 30 years’ experience in a number of roles across the industry and has led businesses in the UK, Asia and EMEA. He spent five of those years as chief operating officer at Publicis Groupe, where he helped then CEO Maurice Lévy expand in the US and digitally transform. Pinder has built or helped build startups such as the ad network The House Worldwide and Universum, an employer branding company that sold to Axel Springer. He now runs Rankin Creative, the agency founded by the famous photographer.

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01:42: Economic shifts in 2024

06:41: Media consolidation and its impact on advertisers

11: 34: Ad agency value and creativity

18:54: Private equity investment

26:13: Procurement and advertising reviews

30.25: Improving the industry through better pitching processes

35.23: Why marketers create waste and inefficiency

This episode was edited by our production partner Trisonic.

The Year Ahead 2024 is taking place on Thursday at the Waldorf Hilton

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