Newsbrand readers increasingly adopt a ‘sustainable ethos’

Newsbrand readers increasingly adopt a ‘sustainable ethos’

An overwhelming majority of newsbrand readers are increasingly adopting environmental choices in their everyday lives, a new study by newsbrand marketing body Newsworks has revealed.

Readers broadly want newsbrands to use their platforms to educate and raise awareness about climate change (70%), as well as the cost-of-living crisis (79%). The latter risks causing individuals to be less climate-conscious in their consumption decisions.

Whereas 96% of newsbrand readers reported taking “positive steps” when it comes to the climate, nearly two-thirds (62%) admitted that the cost-of-living crisis may force them to make cutbacks on sustainable products and services when shopping.

As such, audiences are looking to the news to find information on ways to help live sustainably, especially in the context of weathering the effects of high inflation. The UK’s inflation rate unexpectedly jumped in February, rising to 10.4%.

A number of newsbrands have launched editorial campaigns focused on improving the environment and helping inspire behavioural change. The Evening Standard launched ‘Plug It In’ last June, the Daily Express launched ‘Green Britain’ in 2021, The Times launched ‘Clean Air for All’ in 2019, and the Daily Mail has been promoting ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ since 2008.

The Guardian has also widely been considered a leader on sustainable coverage and business practice. Last November, the outlet coordinated a joint climate editorial with over 30 global newsbrands urging action on the climate crisis. At a webinar hosted by The Media Leader last December, representatives from The Guardian lamented the lack of progress at COP27 and argued that digital media can reduce its own carbon footprint substantially by simplifying the digital supply chain. The Guardian has banned advertising from fossil fuel companies since 2020.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that the globe is likely to surpass the dangerous temperature rise threshold (+1.5 degrees Celsius) within the next 10 years unless nations drastically change their economies.

Newsworks CEO Jo Allan said: “This study shows just how engaged newsbrand readers are with the climate crisis—they really want to help make a difference and make the right choices for the planet.”

The survey, which received over 2,300 responses, found that there is an appetite among newsbrand audiences for advertisers to provide more information about what they are doing to be more sustainable.

Six in 10 readers said they feel more favourable towards advertisers that have a sustainable ethos, and 56% agreed that knowing a brand has a sustainable alternative could influence their purchase decision.

“Newsbrands play an important role in helping to inform and advise their audiences and the results of our cross-industry study show how advertisers can become more actively involved in helping to drive real behaviour change,” Allan added.

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