How advertisers are changing strategy on gaming - with Lucy Rissik and Nina Mackie

How advertisers are changing strategy on gaming
Gaming champions: Mackie and Rissik
The Media Leader Podcast

Brands are still coming to terms with how to market to gamers. That much has been clear from conversations with a number of brand strategists highlighted on The Media Leader in recent weeks. And this is despite several years of work by ad professionals trying to crack the gaming market.

With an audience of over 3 billion worldwide, gaming has developed over the past few decades into one of the most-loved and most-lucrative forms of entertainment, and brands want in on the action, hoping to reach audiences they often struggle to find elsewhere.

But what is causing the slow uptake of gaming advertising, and what needs to be done to better communicate with adland the potential benefits of reaching the increasingly diverse gaming audience?

Lucy Rissik, partnerships director for Women in Games and founder and CEO of boutique gaming marketing agency Brotherhood of Brand, and Nina Mackie, founder and CEO of Interact Global and part of female-led gaming industry organization WeGame2 join host Jack Benjamin to discuss the state of the gaming market, what advertisers need to know about gamers, and why there are opportunities aplenty to reach new audiences—so long as you’re careful with your creative.

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