Why streaming TV must offer 'linear-like' advertising experiences

Watch: Why streaming TV must offer ‘linear-like’ advertising experiences
The Media Leader Live @ Connected TV World Summit

Paul Gubbins, vice-president, CTV strategy and marketing at Publica by Integral Ad Science, told The Media Leader editor-in-chief Omar Oakes why programmatic advertising is now “front and centre” of connected TV conversations, having been on the periphery just three years ago.

Gubbins moderated a panel at Connected TV World Summit that featured executives from broadcasters ITV and Sky, as well as media agency EssenceMediacomX.

He also warned that streamers need to think carefully about user experiences when offering ads on their platforms.

Gubbins said: “For a number of years, the user experience has been quite clunky in streaming… to unlock the true value of CTV ad breaks, streaming services really need to think about how they construct a linear-like experience for their viewers.”

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