Watch: UK TV trading ‘bubble’ gives Netflix advantage, warns Sky exec

Watch: UK TV trading ‘bubble’ gives Netflix advantage, warns Sky exec
The Media Leader Live @ Connected TV World Summit

Ruth Cartwright, investment director at Sky’s commercial arm Sky Media, warns that the UK’s set-up for trading TV and video is hampering the pay-TV operator as its competes with global streaming giants.

Speaking to The Media Leader‘s Jack Benjamin at Connected TV World Summit 2024, Cartwright also discussed her panel “Replacing lost broadcast audiences for advertisers”, alongside LG Ads and EssenceMediacomX.

She said: “We need to think about how we trade; I think the UK is a bubble — how we trade video [and] how we trade TV. I would love to challenge myself in the market into making it easier for people to spend money with us. We are hampered in some respects by legacy trading arrangements and frameworks.

“We are doing ourselves a disadvantage or a disservice when we think about the competitors in the broader market: the Amazons, the Netflixes… they don’t have some of those constraints that we do.”

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