Podcast: Yannick Bolloré on why Vivendi wants to create 4 ‘cousin companies’

Podcast: Yannick Bolloré on why Vivendi wants to create 4 ‘cousin companies’
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Yannick Bolloré, chairman and CEO of Havas and chairperson at Havas’ parent group Vivendi, speaks to Omar Oakes about the company’s financial earnings, in which it turned around a €1bn loss the previous year, and why Vivendi is considering creating four distinct “cousin companies”, centred on Havas, Canal+, publishing and distribution.

This interview also reveals:

  • Bolloré’s view on how Vivendi companies will integrate
  • Why he has committed to lead the company for another 11 years
  • His media hero and why he’s passionate about advertising and media


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Bolloré on…

Restructuring: “It’s easier to sell a company which is 100% owned by a private company than the listed company. So the idea is not at all to sell anything. It’s because we believe in the potential of appreciation of each of our assets that we believe they will get better value.”

Innovation: “Innovation is one of the key ingredients of Havas’ success. We have been funding innovation since forever, since always, whether it was digital, then data, tech and, today, artificial intelligence are a key path for us. And I think it’s a key reason why we are one of the best performers in the entire advertising industry.”

Strategy: “Ten years ago, the industry was very siloed. It was not about holding companies, it was about networks with, most of the time, different names from the holding companies, and few people knew [those names]. And today, it’s all about integration.”

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