Two myths Pinterest is keen to slay

Two myths Pinterest is keen to slay
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Is Pinterest little more than a social media platform for mothers who like arts and crafts?

That’s one of the key misperceptions about the app that the company wants to dispel, Pinterest’s EMEA CEO Milka Privodanova told The Media Leader Podcast in a recent episode.

Privodanova spoke to editor-in-chief Omar Oakes after the company’s full-year earnings results for 2023, in which it reported double-digit user growth and revenue growth, as well as a new ecommerce partnership with Google.

Listen to an excerpt of the episode or read a transcript of the conversation below:

The Media Leader: What’s the biggest misperception or myth that people might have about Pinterest that, if you could snap your fingers, you would change?

Milka Privodanova: I’m going to say two (laughs).

So the first one is: “I think is Pinterest is for mums only, who do arts and crafts”. That’s what I hear.

And I think we’ve seen, you know, we’re winning with Gen Z — 40% of our audience is Gen Z. And we use these incredibly wide use cases of the platform. So people are using it for planning their financial future all the way to planning a dream trip. So it’s a really wide range of use cases.

And the second thing is really understanding that Pinterest is a performance platform; over 50% of our revenue runs through performance and we deliver incredible results for our clients there, whereas, historically, people were thinking of us as more of a upper funnel.

Now, having said that, we have a very strong brand play. We launched a new product last year called Spotlight, which is a takeover product. And actually our brand advertisers absolutely love it, because it delivers…

TML: So are you saying that you don’t have mums using Pinterest? How many do you have?

MP: I’m one of those [mums]! So I use it for arts and crafts for my children and like adults, that’s an absolutely very strong use case that we have. But we have grown the audience… by really attracting that Gen Z [cohort].

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