Podcast: Spotify’s $10bn advertising ambition — with UK sales chief Ed Couchman

Podcast: Spotify’s $10bn advertising ambition — with UK sales chief Ed Couchman
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Ed Couchman, head of sales for the UK and Northern Europe at Spotify, joins Ella Sagar to talk about the company’s advertising ambition, its podcast and audiobook strategy, and kindness as a superpower.

He underscores the commitment to CEO Daniel Ek’s goal of generating 20% of revenue from advertising and describes a “longer-term aspiration” for Spotify’s advertising sales.

Couchman says: “We do want in the long term for the ad sales to reach $10bn — so a real sizeable revenue contribution to the overall business.”

Elsewhere, he reveals the streamer’s “case-by-case” podcast strategy and how he would hypothetically like to see advertising in audiobooks.

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Couchman also expands on his recent column on how kindness at work is never a weakness, pointing out why it “has never been more needed” in the industry.

He adds: “I certainly felt in my earlier part of my career that kindness was seen as a bit of a weakness, and then as I’ve matured and seen value in it, I think there are some key things about being genuine, about being empathetic and understanding where people are coming from that actually make it into a superpower. That is my genuine belief around kindness and just how important it is.”


03:38: Why kindness in media and advertising leadership is a superpower

10:07: Spotify’s long-term advertising ambition

12:48: What’s next for non-exclusive podcasts?

15:15: Becoming the global number two audiobook provider and growing the market

17:16: The audiobook advertising dream

18:28: Spotify’s “Time to Play Fair” campaign taking aim at Apple

23:55: Why are you passionate about media?

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