the7stars launches addressable data offering

the7stars launches addressable data offering

The7stars has launched Bridge, a proprietary data connection proposition that aims to give advertisers access to a privacy-first marketplace for addressable advertising.

The UK’s largest independent agency has entered into a partnership with InfoSum, the “privacy-by-design” data partner that works with ITV and Channel 4, to offer a data clean room at the heart of the marketplace.

InfoSum’s platform is being offered alongside technical expertise from 13minutes, the7stars’ adtech acceleration consultancy. It will be used alongside the7stars’ proprietary audience planning framework, Gravity Planning.

Rhys Williams, tech and activation lead at the7stars, said: “We know from our own research that approximately three-quarters of all media bought in the UK is now driven by some form of adtech. Whilst there have been significant technological developments in media delivery, the same hasn’t happened when it comes to media targeting.”

InfoSum is a data infrastructure business which helps connect and activate separated datasets without putting customer data or personally identifiable information at risk.

The company’s approach to customer data collaboration, called the ‘non-movement of data,’ is focused on privacy, security, and the creation of “owned customer identity platforms”. A media owner can use InfoSum’s software to enable an advertiser, for example, to blend its data with the media owner’s data without a risk of a data breach or people’s privacy being compromised.

Importantly, advertisers should be able to accurately target customised audiences without requiring any personal data to be shared or using third-party IDs to profile people.

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