Samsung Ads joins Origin as first CTV-led member

Samsung Ads joins Origin as first CTV-led member
Bryan said decision to join Origin was 'advertiser-led'

Samsung Ads, the advertising division of Samsung Electronics, has joined the UK’s cross-media measurement programme Origin, The Media Leader has learned.

As part of the organisation, Samsung Ads will shape how connected TV (CTV) is integrated into Origin’s cross-media measurement initiative. It is the first CTV-focused member of Origin.

Origin is currently managed by trade body Isba. However, Isba is currently planning to transfer the operations of Origin into a separate legal entity, for which it has recently raised £52m.

Analysis: Strong demand from advertisers

Matt Bryan, Samsung Ads’ director of analytics and insights, Europe, told The Media Leader that Samsung had been having conversations with Origin for the past year.

The company’s ultimate desire to get involved, he explained, has been driven almost entirely by the company’s clients, which desire standardised cross-media measurement tools. “This is advertiser-led, rather than being media-owner led,” Bryan insisted.

He continued: “The challenge is for media owners to understand the need of our customers and say: ‘We do need to lean in to this problem and find a way forward.’ When you have that level of demand coming from the advertiser, you do need to take this seriously.”

Origin has a “really bold north star” of offering deduplicated cross-media audience measurement, Bryan said.

TV broadcasters have been slow to sign up to Origin, with some viewing the effort as a “tax on TV” as it attempts to standardise measurement for the very different channels of TV and digital.

Responding to questions about broadcasters’ concerns over diluting the value of TV against digital, Bryan said such standards are “the real thing that needs to be thought through”.

“Let’s face it, this is new,” he said. “That’s why we want to be involved — to help shape that.”

Measurement is cornerstone of industry’s future

Launched in 2019, Origin is an initiative to create a single measurement method across numerous digital and traditional advertising platforms in order to better enable planning and evaluation of cross-media campaigns.

Alex Hole, vice-president and general manager of Samsung Electronics Europe, said: “Measurement stands out as the cornerstone of the advertising industry’s future and we are open to exploring all avenues and partnerships, like this one with Isba.

“We acknowledge the diversity of perspectives in the industry and we are eager to contribute to a solution. This is not just a challenge; it’s a remarkable opportunity and we are very optimistic about the positive impact we can collectively achieve.”

A more standardised approach to cross-media measurement has been demanded by marketers for some years, especially as audiences — and the ad campaigns that follow them — have fragmented.

Tom George, Origin’s CEO, said Samsung Ads’ participation “underscores their commitment to fostering a standardised and comprehensive approach to video and display measurement”.

He added: “With Origin, we are forging a path towards unified global campaign measurement, across many sectors of the industry. Together — especially so with partners like Samsung Ads — we are empowering advertisers to truly understand and plan their campaigns with a holistic view, ensuring accurate insights into the true coverage of their efforts across the evolving media landscape.”

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