Podcast: Cannes you believe the news? Lions festival preview with guest Laurence Green

Podcast: Cannes you believe the news? Lions festival preview with guest Laurence Green
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Why are media and creative so siloed?

That was the question implicitly posed by editor Omar Oakes in his latest column. Referencing industry veteran Laurence’s Green‘s speech at a recent Thinkbox conference, Oakes questioned Cannes’ reason for appearing separately as both a celebration of creativity and as a tech and media industry conference.

Oakes and Green both joined Jack Benjamin on The Media Leader Podcast to unpack the argument. In a wide-ranging conversation, the trio also spoke about the importance of creative in driving effectiveness, the industry’s struggles to promote sustainability and pessimistic trends in digital news consumption unveiled by this week’s release of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report.

“The mood music in the industry is firstly, can we just have that richer mix of work,” said Green. “Yes, reward the purpose stuff, but find a way to the great stuff that pays the mortgage. But also, can we just make sure that we’re not using our creative skills to greenwash rather than using our creative skills to more profoundly change business. Those are the things that are in the ether around Cannes this year.”

The episode kicks off a new panel format for the podcast, which includes a “quick hits” section covering recent stories from the around the industry.

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