Podcast: Consultancy not just ‘something to do in-between jobs’, says TheZoo.London

Podcast: Consultancy not just ‘something to do in-between jobs’, says TheZoo.London
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Consultancy in some form may become part of a media practitioner’s career at some point, but how does it work in reality?

Rachel Forde and Marco Bertozzi, co-founders of consultants’ collective The Zoo.London, join Ella Sagar to talk about founding a company, misconceptions about consultancy and the senior brain drain in media.

For Forde, the days when consulting was seen as “something to do in-between jobs” are gone and consultants have “a really super smart way to work”, focusing on projects they enjoy doing without the politics of a full-time role.

At the same time, Bertozzi believes companies choosing the right consultant is “more important than ever”.

He adds: “It is a tough market. And I think that all points to the fact that companies, whether it’s consultancy or full time, they’re evaluating way more carefully every pound they’re spending on their business. So this all ties together for us. It’s like, yes, consultancy might be an easier step for them rather than hiring.”

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02:41: How TheZoo.London started

06:10: How TheZoo.London is going

12:00: The rise of the fractional CMO

15:41: Misconceptions about consultancy

21:50: Advice for founders

25:05: Advice for consultants

30:31: Media needs to change its attitude to senior talent

32:53: Forde and Bertozzi’s animal psychology results

35:03: Why are you passionate about media?

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