Omnicom Group growth slows in Q3

Omnicom Group growth slows in Q3
In brief

Omnicom Group recorded 7.5% organic growth in its latest quarterly results, a drop from 11.3% organic growth in the previous quarter.

The group behind media agencies PHD and OMD recorded 5.9% growth for advertising and media, 16.3% for precision marketing, 12.6% for public relations, 11.1% for commerce and brand consulting, 5.0% for healthcare, 3.9% for execution and support and 2.3% for experiential.

Compared to Q3 2021, there was organic growth of 7.6% for the US, 11.5% for the UK, 6.0% for Euro markets and other Europe, 4.4% for Asia Pacific, 13.1% for Latin America, 7.7% for other North America, and 12.2% for the Middle East & Africa.

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