Magazine ABCs: market round-up

Magazine ABCs: market round-up

As the latest ABC circulation figures are released for the consumer magazine market, Mediatel News presents its round-up of the results.

The data reveals magazine circulations for the six months from January to June this year. It should be noted that publishers have the choice to not report their half-year circulation figures and this year, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, fewer titles have elected to do so.

Therefore 17 publishers are reporting 71 titles this year, rather than the 36 publishers which reported 139 titles during this period last year. According to ABC, this is expected to be a temporary move.

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News & Current Affairs

With the Covid-19 pandemic initiating nationwide school closures and keeping both parents and children in their homes, Dennis Publishing’s The Week Junior recorded a strong performance for the first six months of 2020, growing its circulation by 18.4%.

The title, which is only published in print, was also up 22.1% year-on-year, reaching a total circulation of 85,578.

However, other than The Oldie (which held steady with a circulation of 47,170), the rest of the news and current affairs market – which are all print-only titles – saw its circulation figures take a hit.

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TV Listings

Despite TV viewing becoming the mainstay of lockdown life, the television listings market continues to witness declines in print circulations.

Leading the market with a circulation of just over one million copies, Bauer’s TV Choice witnessed a period-on-period decline of -5.61% in H1 and -7.39% year-on-year.

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Women’s market

Unsurprisingly, with the nation in lockdown for much of it, the last six months were less than kind to the women’s magazine market. Almost all titles saw their circulations drop significantly, both over the period and over the year.

Only Bauer Media’s Take a Break Monthly magazine and The Stylist Group’s freebie magazine Stylist managed to hold more or less steady during the storm, maintaining circulations of just over 175,000 and almost 402,000, respectively.

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Lockdown leisure

Gardening titles saw circulations rise across the board for the first half of 2020 as lockdown Britain sought inspiration and horticultural solutions.

And while leisure titles in the cookery category saw their print circulations fall as lockdown prevented consumers from leaving their homes, their digital counterparts recorded notable growth.

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