Listen to a Magners ad, donate to bee charity

Listen to a Magners ad, donate to bee charity

Magners has partnered with Good-Loop to create an ad campaign whose revenue will directly fund efforts to support the UK’s struggling bee population.

For every listen to Magners’ new Spotify spot, the Irish cider brand will donate to The Bee Friendly Trust, a charity that supports bee habitats and other pollinators in the UK.

The campaign will run until 31 August and aims to raise around £22,000. The audio format is part of a wider UK campaign that will run across multiple channels, including OOH, audio and digital. Media buying for the campaign is being handled by Republic of Media.

Magners is the first brand to use Good-Loop’s purpose-powered ad format.

The declining number of bees, due to the growing use of pesticides, intensive farming and the impact of climate change, poses a significant threat to food production, including the production of apples needed for Magners’ cider. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) warns that as many as 24% of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction.

Analysis: Making purpose pay

Magners’ “listen-to-donate” ad is the latest example of how brands can use their media budgets to support causes they care about while driving brand growth.

Purpose-led advertising has been a long-running trend in the industry over the last decade, with brands and agencies increasingly looking to incorporate social and environmental causes into their marketing strategies to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

But this is not purely altruistic by the C&C Group cider brand. The declining bee population is a global issue that has significant implications for food production, including apples and other ingredients that are part of the food and drink production supply chain.

The campaign is the latest ad format from Good-Loop that aims to leverage the value of consumer attention to help brands and agencies do good at scale. The ad platform aims to make the connection between brands and consumers more meaningful by delivering respectful ads that deliver real social impact, while also driving significant business and brand uplifts for advertisers. Other formats include its Watch to Donate format and its This Ad Does Good ad unit.

The campaign’s success will depend on the number of listens generated, and the ad unit’s cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis provides an opportunity for Magners to raise awareness about the issue and also drive significant brand uplifts.

Good-Loop’s mission to make the connection between brands and consumers more meaningful is clearly gaining traction. The company has recently expanded to the US, with CEO and co-founder Amy Williams relocating to the US last year. Its purpose-powered ad formats are specifically tailored for brands looking to make a positive impact while driving business growth.

As the advertising industry continues to evolve, purpose-led advertising will play an increasingly important role in establishing brand relevance and creating meaningful connections with consumers.

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