IPA appoints Laurence Green as director of effectiveness

IPA appoints Laurence Green as director of effectiveness

The IPA has appointed Laurence Green as its new director of effectiveness.

In his new role, Green will lead the IPA Effectiveness Pillar. Duties include providing strategic direction for the Effectiveness Pillar; managing the IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group; project-leading new effectiveness research and development content; and overseeing the IPA Effectiveness Awards team and process, the IPA Effectiveness Databank team and projects; and the IPA Effectiveness Accreditation team and process.

Green brings 30 years of experience in the advertising and cultural sector to the role. A creative strategist turned business director and agency founder, Green also writes a monthly column for The Media Leader.

“As a long-time beneficiary and admirer of the IPA’s industry-leading practice, I’m looking forward to driving an effectiveness agenda that helps to inspire and not just celebrate work that works,” Green said.

IPA director general Paul Bainsfair added: “As the tough economic climate continues, with companies’ purse strings ever tightened, being able to demonstrate marketing effectiveness as the engine of business success is more vital than ever. This is why we are delighted to welcome Laurence, with his extensive hands-on effectiveness and industry experience, to the IPA to continue to equip our industry with the knowledge, research and tools to prove and fuel the power of marketing communications in driving business growth.”

Green has written extensively about effectiveness, declaring himself an “Effectiveness Awards fanboy” in an April 2022 column. He is also a past Effectiveness Awards winner and Convenor of the Judges. Commenting on last October’s IPA award ceremony, Green noted: “In many of this year’s winning papers, media isn’t just the message delivery mechanism but has its own proud story to tell as an integral part of the effectiveness story, or indeed as lead actor itself.”

He added: “In these complicated and fast-moving times, we can hang out the advertising sign and hope for the best. Or, better, understand that advertising is the mere arrowhead, its power a consequence of the archer’s draw force. Too often we scurry to advertising without first contemplating brand and how it, in turn, serves our respective business.”

Green will join the IPA from 4 July.

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