Holocaust Memorial Day Trust takes to national press and OOH

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust takes to national press and OOH

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has leveraged ad space secured pro bono by independent media agency the7stars to launch a press and poster ad campaign created by independent ad agency St Luke’s.

The ad, which launched today, will run in national press The Metro and key digital outdoor sites in London (London Lites), Coventry, Hull, and Liverpool (Open Media).

The creative features a visual connection between lined exercise books—a place where lessons can be recorded—and barbed wire, which has become synonymous with the concentration and death camps in which the atrocities of the Holocaust took place.

The image features the tagline: “What lessons can we learn from the Holocaust?”

Since 2001, every year on the anniversary of the day when Auschwitz was liberated on 27 January, 1945, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust encourages the remembrance of the six million Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust as well as those murdered in the Nazi’s persecution of other groups and the genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Ed Palmer, managing director of St Luke’s added: “Given that our target audience is the general public, we were encouraged that it included OOH media in some high-traffic spots around the UK. Outdoor is an important medium given its broadcast nature and mass reach — everyone should be encouraged to remember and learn more about the Holocaust […] and the ones that followed, so that it can never happen again.”

Palmer noted that, apart from St Luke’s campaign, additional publicity for Holocaust Memorial Day will once again appear at Piccadilly Lights, which will show images of Holocaust survivors.

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