Google adds digital out-of-home ads to Display & Video 360

Google adds outdoor to Display & Video 360

Google has made digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads available to all users of its advertising marketplace Display & Video 360 (DV360).

Marketers will be able to buy ads on digital screens in public places including stadiums, airports, bus stops, shopping centers, elevators, taxis, and more through DV360.

They can activate, pause, and optimize campaigns in “near real time” and “tackle everything from strategy to activation to reporting and optimization all in one place,” wrote DV360 product manager Shreya Mathur in a blog post.

Google’s DV360 already currently partners with various other ad exchanges such as Hivestack, Magnite, PlaceExchange, Ströer SSP, VIOOH and Vistar Media, which give access to major out-of-home media owners’ inventory, including ClearChannel, JCDecaux, Intersection, and Lamar and Ströer.

Google’s centralized marketplace allows such inventory to be bid on programmatically, which Mathur says provides marketers increased flexibility for their ad campaigns. For example, a fast food restaurant can quickly advertise on a billboard in a business district during lunch hour, but later that day the same billboard could be used to promote a performance at a nearby concert venue.

Mathur noted that though advertisers can “reach people based on contextual information of the screen location”, DOOH ads placed through DV360 are not personalized, stressing: “we do not use individual identifiers or any user location data.”

Publishers are vetted to provide DV360 with impression estimates to help aid marketers in measurement, however.

Out-of-home has seen a strong recovery as the industry attempts to adapt to new workplace norms. In June, OOH revenues were reported to reach 84% of pre-pandemic levels, with further growth in OOH adspend predicted to outpace other sectors.

“Making our out-of-home inventory available through DSPs such as Display & Video 360 enables marketers to plan and optimize all digital channels in one place,” added head of programmatic at JCDecaux UK Dom Kozak, who worked with fashion retailer ASOS on a DOOH campaign using DV360 (pictured, main).

Highlighting the effectiveness of DOOH, ASOS conducted a geo experiment with JCDecaux’s measurement partners to evaluate the impact of digital out-of-home ads on brand metrics. According to Google, they observed a 14% increase in brand awareness and a 22% increase in brand consideration in exposed vs control areas.

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