DCM launches Cinema TVRs report on Connected AV app

DCM launches Cinema TVRs report on Connected AV app
'Barbie', starring Margot Robbie, premieres this week (Picture: Warner Bros)

Digital Cinema Media (DCM), the UK’s largest cinema ad sales house, has today launched its first Cinema TVRs report on the Mediatel Connected AV app to align its measurement with other AV channels.

DCM worked with PwC to convert cinema measurements like box office millions and cinema admissions to the more universally recognised “TV ratings” (TVRs), building on work that had begun before the Covid-19 pandemic.

This data will be included in the quarterly reports along with forecasts for major upcoming film releases where you can filter by genre and demographic, identify audience with the highest TVRs and find industry ratecard prices.

There will also be a UK film calendar, latest cinema news and additional DCM resources available on the Connected AV app.

Karen Stacey, CEO, Digital Cinema Media, said: “We are moving ourselves from this nice-to-have medium to a place where people can really understand the contribution cinema can make in a media schedule.

“Event movies should be the cornerstones you build your schedule on so we have evolved the reporting of cinema’s biggest cultural moments into simpler terms with real, robust data.”

Rob Laurence, head of Mediatel Connected called this cinema TVR data “game-changing”.

He added: “We are really excited to announce our new partnership with Digital Cinema Media, supporting their efforts to ensure the cinema medium is delivering transparent and trusted metrics that are comparable with other AV media metrics.”

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