DCM set to roll out ‘cinema TVRs’ to align measurement with TV

DCM set to roll out ‘cinema TVRs’ to align measurement with TV
'Avatar: The Way of Water', got 15 TVRs for people aged 16-34 within 28 days of release last year, DCM and PwC have revealed

Digital Cinema Media (DCM), the UK’s largest cinema ad sales house, is set to formally launch “cinema TVRs” to make movie audiences measurement more comparable with other AV media.

DCM worked with PwC to convert cinema measurements like box office millions and cinema admissions to the more universally recognised “TV ratings” (TVRs), building on work that had begun before the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns forced the sector to shut for long periods between 2020 and 2022.

This means agencies and brands can compare film and TV audiences when compiling and analysing their AV advertising schedules.

A TVR measures the popularity of a TV programme, daypart, commercial break or ad by comparing its audience to the population as a whole. One TVR is numerically equivalent to one percent of a target audience.

Using TVRs, DCM and PwC revealed that Spiderman: No Way Home was the most-watched title for 2021 with 32 “16-34 TVRs” in its first 28 days, while in 2022, Avatar: The Way of Water was the most popular with 15 “16-34 TVRs” in its first 28 days in cinemas.

This new cinema TVR data will be made available in mid-July on a dedicated “Cinema Data Hub” on Adwanted’s Connected Platform, which is also used to access other media and audience viewing data from organisations like Barb Audiences.

The hub will include the latest cinema news, film calendar updates and other DCM resources, and there will also be an interactive quarterly “Cinema TVR” report for users to download highlighting forecasts for upcoming titles alongside competitor media data.

DCM will make more announcements about this partnership and its wider TVR project at its Upfronts Media Showcase later this week in London.

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