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Blind RNIB ambassador ‘takes over’ ITV2 announcement for Christmas campaign

Blind RNIB ambassador ‘takes over’ ITV2 announcement for Christmas campaign

ITV2 will host a takeover by the Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) this weekend to promote its Christmas fundraising campaign to send Braille letters from Santa to vision-impaired children.

On Sunday 21 November, Keira, a 12-year-old RNIB ambassador, will take over the continuity announcement appearing on ITV2 in the ad break of Shrek 2.

The 90-second spot will encourage donations to RNIB’s Christmas Letter from Santa campaign and Keira explains how we can “see Christmas differently”.

John Ayling & Associates managed the media planning and buying for the campaign and the creative is by the Good Agency.

AdrianHandford, HGV mechanic, Tip trailers, on 21 Dec 2021
“Well done Keira I've donated awesome ambassador and a great cause,no child should go without ever,keep the good work going ❤️”
PamelaHancock, Mrs, I’m a daughter a wife a mother a grandmother and a great grandmother, on 16 Dec 2021
“I am very disappointed…no…disgusted with your Christmas advert this year 2021 .
Do your employees know anything about Santa ?.
For the young girl to say Santa can’t communicate in braille is totally not in the Spirit of Christmas and definitely NOT FUNNY.
As a child growing up I was told there was nothing Santa couldn’t do every child was watched and put on his list whichever one
good or naughty
and told of his magical ways I have and will always teach the children in my family and the friends they played with how magical Santa is .
This advert will I am sure has caused many problems in lots of families.
Lots of people hate adverts anyway with this one I’m joining them it really needs rethinking or better still taking off air”
NicholasLarkin, Chartered Engineer, Consultant, on 08 Dec 2021
“Keira is a fantastic ambassador for the RNIB once again this Christmas- following on from 2020”

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