Are your digital campaigns outperforming your competitors?

Are your digital campaigns outperforming your competitors?

An estimated £8.7bn was expected to be spent during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping season is in full swing but consumers are facing a cost of living crisis. This puts retailers under pressure to attract shoppers in this critical period and ecommerce sites need to get the most out of their digital marketing spend.

To support our clients who work on digital marketing campaigns, Mediatel Connected recently launched the Performance app using data from Modo25’s BOSCO platform.

Today, Mediatel Connected is pleased to add several more reports with additional analysis on market share of organic searches, revenue potential, as well as in depth analysis on keyword performance and opportunities.

Here are the four new reports:

Organic marketing

Market Share and Revenue opportunity: share of organic search compared to competitors and estimated revenue opportunity

Keywords: top performing keywords based on search volume and CPC, and compared to competitors plus opportunities for sales based on improving keyword positions

Top Performing Pages: best performing pages in keyword rankings with total search volume and identifies pages that require improvement.

Paid marketing

Metrics and Revenue: paid marketing performance against business goals and potential revenue for searches, impressions and clicks.

These are in addition to the existing, unique scoring system and benchmarking reports alongside global social media insights from across the most important categories for influencer campaigns from Upfluence.

The Performance app is available to Mediatel Connected subscribers, book a free demo and find out how you can deliver quick wins for your digital campaigns, email or call us on 020 7420 3252.

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