Apple TV launches beta version of sports multiview feature

Apple TV launches beta version of sports multiview feature

Apple has launched a beta version of its multiview feature for sports fans on the Apple TV 4K.

Currently limited to its MLS Season Pass and MLB Friday sports offerings, the feature allows users to watch up to four games simultaneously, with separate streams displayed in a grid format on the screen.

The viewing experience is reportedly customisable, with fans being able to move streams around the screen. Users can also make one game larger than the others, while the other games are stacked to the side of it.

Apple TV users can toggle between audio streams via the remote, giving them the ability to choose the game they want to hear.

Last month, YouTube TV also launched a multiview feature for a limited number of sports fans in the U.S. The initial launch of the feature applied only to channels that have NCAA tournament games, but the online video platform said multiview will be available on its sports content broadly in the future.

However, the multiview feature launched on YouTube TV appears more limited than the one currently in beta for Apple TV. In YouTube’s multiview, users choose channels from recommended multiview sets, rather than having the flexibility to manually add channels themselves. The online video platform says it will add the option of customising multiview streams in the future, and plans to integrate multiview into the YouTube app.


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