Why Peter Field sees a ‘relentless attempt to take TV down’

Why Peter Field sees a ‘relentless attempt to take TV down’

Peter Field was this year’s keynote speaker The Future of TV Advertising Global, the world’s leading conference for senior media and marketing professionals.

Field, a renowned advertising effectiveness expert, told delegates in London this month that TV’s effectiveness is not only still strong, but actually getting stronger.

This is despite a hardening industry narrative about declining linear audiences and the rise of targeted advertising to drive short-term marketing goals.

Watch Field’s keynote presentation, which is available on Adwanted UK’s YouTube channel:

Go deeper: Before Field’s keynote, he sat down with editor-in-chief Omar Oakes to discuss TV’s resilience, trust in media, and why attention research has rekindled his passion for media.

In the interview, Field also admits to what big mistakes he’s made in his career, why he’s so excited about the recent wave of attention research in the industry, and why trust in media has become so important to consumers as to impact their advertising responses.

This was recorded just before FTVA began on 5 December and available as a video on The Media Leader‘s YouTube channel:

“The three certainties in marketing are death, taxes, and people taking potshots at TV,” Field says. “It just starts to look a little bit like a relentless attempt to take TV down. The fact of the matter is… TV plays, if anything, a strengthening role in effectiveness.”

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