When is it time to admit you need inclusivity coaching?

When is it time to admit you need inclusivity coaching?
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DEI, EDI, D&I – no matter the acronym you use, it is undeniable that conversations around equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion have been increasing across the board in recent years.

But how does talk translate to action within the media industry? Shez Iqbal, head of publisher partnerships at Criteo and a member of Media For All, joins the podcast alongside host Ella Sagar and guest Jack Benjamin to chat through the nitty gritty of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion in leadership in media and advertising.

Iqbal is also a host of his very own podcast, Leadership in Colour, which showcases outstanding leaders of colour sharing their personal journeys, offering valuable insights and advice, and highlighting their current projects.

“I think that coaching is something that should be available for everybody,” said Iqbal. “We definitely have an issue—and the All In Census definitely showed it—we’ve got an issue within the industry where people might come in at certain levels and hit at maybe the middle-management and then leave. But I do feel like with the support of coaching, actually we can let them or allow them to have a better plan and route to the top.”

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