LG Ads eyes 'huge opportunity' for TV home screens

Watch: LG Ads eyes ‘huge opportunity’ for TV home screens
The Media Leader Live @ Connected TV World Summit

Ryan Afshar, head of publisher and programmatic platforms (international) at LG Ads, calls for more collaboration in the connected TV sector.

Speaking to The Media Leader, he also explains why a leading TV manufacturer like LG is developing its software user experience and its advertising platform, which leverages data from customers.

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Afshar says: “We see the home screen has a huge opportunity, underpinned with our proprietary data that we have as an operating system and an OEM.

“That’s really, I think, exciting, because it’s the first ad that someone sees… not only does it provide an opportunity for advertising, but it’s also an opportunity to help discoverability of content, which is a huge challenge for the content owner and, of course, the viewer.”

Recorded at Connected TV World Summit (March 2024). Find out more about the event here.

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