Watch Gogglebox cast react to RSPCA’s rebrand campaign

Watch Gogglebox cast react to RSPCA’s rebrand campaign
Gogglebox's Jenny and Lee watching the RSPCA spot (Credit: Channel 4)

Animal-welfare charity the RSPCA has launched its rebrand with a two-minute bespoke ad airing on Friday night on Gogglebox.

During the first ad break of the Channel 4 show, a special two-minute film created by Channel 4 Sales will feature stars of the show with their pets reviewing and reacting to the spot. This is the RSPCA’s first rebrand since the 1970s, with the charity marking its 200th anniversary this year.

The ad will run until 9 May to spark discussions for families nationwide about pets and animal welfare.

Cameron Cumming, director of performance at JAA, which planned the campaign, said launching with Channel 4 and Gogglebox was “an easy choice”, because the partnership “perfectly” embodied the new brand message: “For every kind.”

JAA also created 30- and 60-second versions of the original spot to run on TV and cinema, as well as six-, 10- and 15-second edits for digital and social media.

In addition, there will be OOH activity across England and Wales, while radio ads will go live later this year as part of the campaign.

Olivia Reid, RSPCA assistant director of marketing and communications, said: “We want people to rethink their relationship with all animals. As a nation, we love our cats and dogs, but we are also connected to billions of other animals in our lives, through the things we buy and the choices we make.

“We often don’t realise that we are unintentionally funding, fuelling or furthering suffering. From intensive farming taking place behind closed doors, use of some animals in sport and entertainment, extreme breeding and the ‘cute’ images we share on social media, society regularly turns a blind eye to how we treat our fellow creatures.

“So we are shining a light on the joy of animals living their best lives, happy and fulfilled, and full of emotions and experiences. We want everyone to realise every animal deserves our kindness and respect.”

Reid and Caroline Ayling, marketing director at JAA, are speaking on the panel Celebrating 200 years of the RSPCA at The Future of Brands on 17 April.

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