Roku analyst sees rise in 'flexi-VODs'

Watch: Analyst sees rise in ‘flexi-VODs’
The Media Leader Live @ Connected TV World Summit

A rise in “flexi-VOD’ consumers is driving the squeeze on streaming subscriptions in North America and Europe.

That’s according to Laura Chaibi, international director of ad marketing and insights at Roku, who spoke to The Media Leader during this year’s Connected TV World Summit event in London.

“People are changing, chopping up what they want, based on the availability of the content that matters to them….” Chaibi said. “This is not just immediate behaviour, it’s actually a behaviour that’s cutting across how people make decisions in a lot of other categories.”

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Chaibi added that TV operators face a “creative tension” with global digital platforms because of their structural approaches to regional versus global ecosystems.

She said:  “Where a lot of creative tension is [where] TV is going head to head with digital. A lot of these digital solutions have been borderless businesses… they have global solutions that have scaled globally, which are really supply-and-demand ecosystems, and it hasn’t always been necessary to know who are the consumers behind the ad.

“Whereas the television world has always been around premium content and the consumers that are watching that content… the advertising is really buying the adjacency to that opportunity. And those types of advertisers historically have wanted a country-level solution.”

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