VCCP Group launches global gaming proposition VCCP+

VCCP Group launches global gaming proposition VCCP+

VCCP Group has launched a global gaming proposition to “unlock the single largest unmet audience opportunity in modern marketing”.

The new organisation, VCCP+, will help brands navigate the gaming multiverse led by Jonny Shaw, CEO, and Sashi Nair, head of strategy (pictured, main image).

Shaw was previously VCCP NY chief strategy officer and has worked on games brands like PlayStation, Xbox, EA and Rockstar Games.

Nair has joined VCCP+ today from Havas Sports & Entertainment where he was strategy director.

VCCP+ plans to use data, global expertise and partnerships to give “future-facing brands” a gaming strategy and “an always-on plan”.

The practice will have its headquarters in New York but will also have a presence in  all VCCP offices Madrid, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai.

It will be offered as “a core service” to current VCCP clients like White Claw and O2.

VCCP cited Accenture figures that one third of the world’s population, or 2.7 billion people, are in the gaming multiverse but says investment in gaming is 100 times less than ad spend on Facebook.

The company also highlighted gaming content viewership on YouTube is bigger than HBO, Netflix and Hulu combined.

Jonny Shaw, CEO of VCCP+, said: “The gaming space is completely misunderstood, misused or relegated to being an experiment for marketers. It is the biggest unmet audience opportunity there is in marketing. Gaming represents the biggest entertainment vertical in the world and is constantly ignored by brands.

“As 90% of Gen Z identify as gamers, the audience of tomorrow is everyone. VCCP+ is here to challenge the status quo and offer brands a way to engage and tap into this demographic in a way that is authentic and will reduce media wastage,” he added.

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