US share of Fast revenue to decline as global market ‘fragments’

US share of Fast revenue to decline as global market ‘fragments’
Roku: set to account for nearly half the market in 2029 alongside Samsung Ads and Pluto TV

The US, UK and Canada are forecast to generate nearly half the world’s total revenue for TV series and movies on free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels by the end of the decade.

Research on global TV trends show that total revenue for TV and movies on so-called ‘Fast channels’ will reach $17bn across 138 countries in 2029, more than double the $8bn it is set to generate this year.

This year, the US will be responsible for over half (56%) of this market, according to forecasts from Digital TV Research. This is set to decline to 38% by 2029 as other markets grow their relative global share.

By that year, the US is expected to be the only country generating more than $1bn in Fast revenues, while the UK and Canada will be close to $1bn, with these three countries taking nearly half of the world’s total.

Pluto TV, the Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus are predicted to account for nearly half the global Fast revenues by 2029. This is expected to total $9.4bn over the next six years, with the US supplying $2.1bn in additional revenues to reach $6.5bn.

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research, added, “The rest of the Fast market will remain fragmented, with far less globalisation than in the SVOD sector.”

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