UK gets its first taste of the new Facebok App Centre

UK gets its first taste of the new Facebok App Centre

Facebook has brought its App Centre to the UK following its launch in the US last month.

The App Centre can be accessed by Facebook users through the Facebook website and mobile devices.

It lists apps based on popularity and engagement, and once an app is clicked on and authenticated, the App Centre provides a direct link to the app itself.

Unlike simply downloading the app via its developer page or website, the app will be downloaded and linked to a user’s Facebook account.

A selling point of the App Centre, which is similar to the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore, could be the user recommendation system, which will bring more popular apps to prominence.

A Facebook statement said: “The App Centre gives you personalised recommendations, and lets you browse the apps your friends use. It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app.”

There are 600 apps available currently, compared to Apple’s own figure of 500,000 on its App Store.

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