UK DAB+ receiver sales exceed 50m

UK DAB+ receiver sales exceed 50m

Cumulative DAB+ digital radio receiver sales reached 52.4 million in the UK, the highest in Europe, latest figures show.

This included car sales and meant total DAB and upgraded DAB+ digital radio coverage reached 97.3% of the UK population in 2023, compared to 94% in 2013, according to new figures from WorldDAB, a global industry association for DAB digital radio.

WorldDAB found 98% of new cars had DAB or DAB+ fitted in the UK and two-thirds (66%) of UK households had DAB or DAB+ receivers.

A total of 56 UK national stations broadcast on DAB or DAB+ compared to eight on FM.

Digital radio reached 74% of the UK population in Q2 2023 and DAB has 40% share in the UK of total listening hours by platform, followed by IP with 31%, FM/AM at 25% and DTV/other digital with 4%.

The association also found there have been 125 million DAB+ devices sold to date and almost all cars in Europe come with DAB+ as standard.

Outside of established markets, there are DAB+ rollouts in 24 emerging markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

WorldDAB project director Bernie O’Neill commented: “In just the last two months we’ve seen DAB+ successfully on-air in Ghana, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and a renewed commitment to digital radio development from Thailand. This builds on the ongoing DAB+ rollout across Europe — with significant market expansion well underway in France and Germany, alongside our already established core markets.”

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