The Fishbowl: Lyndal Beeton, PinkNews

The Fishbowl: Lyndal Beeton, PinkNews

The Media Leader’s interview series asks the media industry’s top salespeople revealing questions, drawn from our fishbowl. The questions will be drawn at random and contain some tricky posers set by the commercial chiefs themselves.

This week is Lyndal Beeton, head of brand and agency partnerships at PinkNews.

Lyndal Beeton joined PinkNews last year from The Chelsea Magazine Company where she had spent more than 15 years; firstly as advertisement director, and then partnerships director. She started her career at Motor Sport Magazine as a production manager.

How did you end up working in media?

At the risk of sounding cliched, it was only ever going to be media for me although my career’s journey within the industry continues to surprise me.

Growing up obsessed with magazines through a Journalism & Media Studies degree at Rhodes University (South Africa) where I dabbled in radio presenting and newspaper design to boarding a flight for the UK, with a 20something-year old’s optimism and portfolio-in-hand to getting my first job, in media as an office assistant-cum-copy/invoice chaser and then a segue into advertising, its been one incredible ride so far.

What are clients talking about this year that they weren’t last year?

We’re finding that brands are increasingly seeking better representation and diversity in their campaigns and media spend.

Progressive brands recognise that LGBTQ+ consumers are not niche or minorities but are influential decision makers, trendsetters and year-round buyers. These consumers and allies are the new majority whose spending power and impact on a brand’s success should not be overlooked.

Investing with safe and welcoming publishers such as PinkNews which positively reflect consumer culture and interests can increase brand loyalty and strengthen the connection with all customers.

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Gosh, I haven’t visited a cinema since before lockdown. Streaming all the way! I’m currently bingeing Ted Lasso, Taskmaster and Schitt’s Creek (for the fourth time).

If you didn’t work in press, which other media sector could you see yourself working in?

I’d almost certainly find myself in a creative sector — perhaps design or video production.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ways in which the framing, editing and presentation of content — especially news — influences how it is received and interpreted — and ultimately how it can change perceptions and behaviours.

**Peer question** Who are your role models?

The unwavering strength, generosity, humour, and tenacity of my mother, sister, a few close family members, and a strong group of friends are all great sources of inspiration to me. I’m also continually inspired by the joy and resilience of the LGBTQ+ communities in the face of persistent scaremongering, criticism and misrepresentation (especially in legacy press).

** Question from Davina Barker, sales director at DCM.

What would you want the title of your biography to be?

‘Keeping it brief’ (because I rarely do)

What’s your favourite ad of all-time (specific to your sector)?

Subscription-based razor brand, Estrid’s recent “For Human Beauty” campaign was ground-breaking in its representation of bodies, identities and experience and the fact that it was splashed across the mainstream was iconic.

Puma x Modibodi’s campaign for their latest active period underwear range stood out for its representation of women’s experience in sport especially ahead of this year’s Women’s World Cup.

**Peer question** What moment (or event) was the biggest turning point in your career?

Embracing a career in media advertising and commercial partnerships rather than following a journalism or design path was definitely a career defining moment.

In releasing expectations in favour of opportunity, I found a career that married my passion for media, communication, people, creativity and innovation.

More recently, joining PinkNews, making the jump to the hyper-speed world of digital news and video-first content whilst spearheading the launch of the world’s most popular LGBTQ+ media brand’s new partnerships division has been extremely rewarding.

**Question from Sarah Goldman, director of advertising at UKTV.

When did you last change your mind about something?

Joining PinkNews just over a year ago has influenced my views and broadened my perception of so many things.

It has changed my views on what it means to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. It is not enough for people and brands to say they support the community — using influence, privilege (and funding, where possible) to drive actionable change is true allyship.

I’ve learnt that age and experience are not mutually exclusive and that I have a lot to learn from my incredibly talented younger colleagues.

And I’ve recently changed my mind about coriander (its not that bad).

What has been your biggest, or most insightful, mistake and what did you learn from it?

Successful commercial partnerships stem from collaborative efforts between clients and media brands, setting clear expectations from the beginning. Effective campaigns benefit from the combined expertise of all partners involved, leveraging the client’s understanding of their product and campaign objectives, as well as the media brand’s deep understanding of their audience and how to engage effectively.

Some of my most significant learnings have resulted from a disconnect here. However, things sometimes just don’t go to plan. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise when a campaign is off-course and be adaptable enough to make necessary adjustments for a positive outcome.

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